Paint by Numbers Ships

Boat paintings are among the classics we offer. This paint by numbers collection is dedicated to sailboats, ships, galleons and other giants of the sea.
Take your brushes and go back to the time of great maritime voyages which allowed trading and exchanges between civilizations. Calm or restless sea, naval battles and other mythical moments are offered in this collection of paint by numbers. Our numbered canvases will allow you to represent necessary effects for realistic and high quality paintings.

Our easy-to-follow method will allow you to paint zone by zone following the numbers listed for an exceptional result that will beautify the walls of your home.

Painting by numbers is also about escaping and being transported by the sea that is created with the help of your brushstrokes.


If you are looking to improve your technique working with material as well as colour, then boats paint by numbers are for you. Painting the sea and sailing ships will become easy even if you are a beginner, thanks to our step-by-step method. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, making a ship paint by numbers will help you progress. 

Boats have an important place in the history of Art. As a widely used means of transport to travel great distances, boats are the source of many stories from past times. From Vikings, pirates, crusades and even more imaginary facts such as mermaids, krakens and other sea monsters. All these ideas already represent the multitude of possibilities of various paintings that you can work with. Whether you are interested in realism, fantasy, mediaeval or fantasy, boat painting by numbers will make your dreams come true.

Working with the texture of the sea and wood has long been complex for painters. The mixture of techniques and specific nuances allowed them to give life to each artwork. Figured'Art offers you this possibility, accompanying you throughout your creation so that you can be proud of your own achievement. Then you can frame your creation and present it to your friends and family.


Figured’Art has a large catalogue of boats that will appeal to young and seniors alike. All of our painting by numbers are accessible to beginners as well as to those with an advanced level. The secret to the success of our paint by number kits is our guided, step-by-step method. You will receive a pre-printed canvas, the necessary colours and brushes. All you have to do is take your time, relax and create the boat of your dreams. 

Painting is a real source of benefit that allows many to express themselves and share a special moment with themselves. Painting allows you to develop your senses. With the help of paint by numbers, remember your past holidays next to beautiful boats or the smell of the salty sea and the sun hitting your skin.

Boats are historical subjects and always up to date, your painting will be able to make both a magnificent decorative object for your home or a superb gift for your friends. Don't wait any longer and start your project now!

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