What to do with the leftover diamond painting beads?

10 ideas for using up your leftover diamond painting beads


diamond painting beads

Congratulations! You've just completed your diamond painting project! If you're a fan of diamond painting, like us at Figured'Art, you probably have a small surplus of diamonds left over from your kit. Rather than letting them collect dust in a corner, there are many creative ways to use these little sparkling gems. So, let's get started!




If you have enough leftover diamonds, you can use them to create your own unique masterpiece. On a blank canvas, add the diamonds and let your imagination run wild to create a one-of-a-kind pattern. You can also use a photo from a magazine and customise it with coloured diamonds. This will give a stunning effect when added to black and white photos. If you prefer to follow a given design, feel free to use a drawing you have previously printed out and cover it with diamonds.




diamond painting beads DIY

Decorating everyday objects with your diamond beads is an exciting and creative DIY activity. Use your leftover diamonds to decorate jewelry boxes, water bottles, notebooks, glasses cases, and much more. The diamonds will add a touch of shine to these personalised items made with your own hands! Before starting to glue the diamonds onto the object of your choice, clean it carefully with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or dust. Make sure the object is dry before beginning to attach the diamonds. You can draw the pattern you want to create on your item with a pencil or marker before gluing the diamonds. Once all the diamonds are fixed, be sure to let the glue dry for at least 24 hours before using your new accessory!




Resin diamonds can also be used to create sparkling jewelry. If you have leftover diamonds, you can use them to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Choose your jewelry base to create a unique design or add diamonds to existing jewelry. Just make sure the base is clean and dry before starting.




diamond painting beads DIY


Personalise your clothing by adding the diamond beads you have left over from your diamond painting kit! Use fabric glue to add diamonds to denim jackets, backpacks, shoes, and even hats. Customising clothing with diamond painting beads will give your outfits a unique and sparkling look. The diamonds will add a touch of glamour that can transform a plain garment into a chic and original fashion statement.



Diamond painting beads can also be used to create sparkling decorations for your home. Whether you want to customise existing decorative objects or to create something new, applying the remaining diamonds to your decor objects such as vases and flower pots will be an excellent way to add a touch of brilliance to your interior.




diamond painting beads DIY


Personalise your photo frames by adding your remaining diamonds! Simply glue the diamonds to the edges of the photo frame, or create a more complex pattern by using diamonds on the entire surface of the frame. You can also use your beads to transform ordinary coasters into sparkling objects! Use cork, wood or ceramic coasters as a base and glue diamonds on them to create a unique pattern. You can create matching coasters for each member of your family or make them as gifts for your friends.




diamond painting beads DIY


The remaining diamonds from your diamond painting kit can be used to create original and sparkling decorations for parties or to personalise your greeting cards and invitations. Create unique and sparkling designs by sticking diamonds onto paper or cardstock. This is a simple and inexpensive way to create cards and invitations that stand out.




diamond painting beads DIY


What a great idea to use the remaining diamond painting beads to create original and sparkling Christmas decorations! Here is a set of decorations to design with your family to prepare for the holidays:

- Christmas balls: Buy clear Christmas balls at a craft or decoration store and fill them with colored diamonds. You can also create patterns by sticking diamond beads on each ball or use a single color for a more coherent look.

- Garlands: Use cords or ribbons of different colours to create a garland. Glue diamonds onto the ribbons for a sparkling look. You can create a regular pattern or mix colours and sizes of diamonds for a more random effect.

- Christmas tree pendants: Buy wooden or cardboard Christmas tree pendants and use diamonds to decorate them. Glue your beads onto the pendants following a pattern or creating an image. You can also add paint or varnish for a more finished look.

- Christmas window ornaments: Use diamonds to decorate paper or cardboard window ornaments. Glue the diamonds onto the front of the ornaments following a pattern or creating an image. You can also add glitter or beads for a more festive look.

- Christmas wreaths: Use the diamond beads to decorate a Christmas wreath made of pine branches or wood. Glue the diamonds onto the branches or wood following a pattern or creating an image.




diamond painting beads DIY


Diamond painting beads can also be used to customise phone cases, computer cases, pouches, or keychains. Glue them onto the surface using strong glue or fabric glue to create unique and sparkling designs. You can also add diamonds to your wireless headphones to give them a touch of glamour.

With all these ideas, you can make good use of the remaining diamond painting beads! Whether it's to customise existing decorative objects or to create something new, there are many ways to use your remaining diamond painting beads to add a touch of sparkle to your home. So, unleash your creativity and create something unique and sparkling for your home or to give as gifts!




And if you are truly addicted to diamond painting and have more beads than you need, why not give away the remaining ones to associations in need of art materials for their creative workshops or DIY projects? Schools, recreation centers, senior groups, or charitable organizations may be using beads to create works of art to sell and collect funds for their activities... So, in addition to emptying your bead drawer, why not do a good deed?