Paint by Numbers Landscape

Our beautiful planet has many beautiful landscapes that we present here with this collection of paint by numbers. Whether you enjoy seaside panoramas, fields and meadows in the countryside, snowy mountain scenery or just romantic places, there's something for everyone.

Beautiful cottages under the snow, mountain lakes, beach towns and other breathtaking places: our paint by numbers are perfect for getting started in the magical world of painting. Follow our method and improve easily and with no stress. Our paint kits are 100% equipped, so … pick up your paint brushes and begin the journey!


Landscapes are a very interesting subject to paint on canvas: sunsets, country scenes, sailing boats... You can find many easy and accessible painting ideas, so that you can create a real artwork easily! There are many reasons why people enjoy painting landscapes: for some, it is a way to capture the beauty of the natural world and preserve it on canvas. Others may be drawn to the challenge of accurately depicting the colours, shapes, and textures of the outdoors or enjoy the meditative and relaxing process of painting, especially when working on a landscape with peaceful or calming scenery.

Landscape painting by numbers can also be a great way to explore and express your own personal connection to a particular place. Whether it is a favorite spot in nature, a vacation destination, or your own backyard, painting a landscape can be a way to celebrate and remember the special places in your life.

Painting landscapes is for sure a rewarding and satisfying creative activity that will allow you to connect with the world around you and express your artistic vision.


To understand the place of landscapes in painting, let's go back in history. Relegated to the background for a long time, it has its origins in the Chinese tradition, and more specifically in shan shui, an art that appeared in the 6th century. During the Renaissance, landscape art developed around biblical, mythological, and historical stories. However, the landscape remains a background subject. Landscape painting was officially recognised as an artistic genre in the 16th century. However, it was not until the end of the 18th century that it became more widespread. And for a good reason, the Romantic movement placed the landscape at the heart of this art. Romanticism has become a place of personal expression and is structured in three categories. Firstly, there is the picturesque, which emphasizes the wildness and beauty of natural landscapes. Then, the bucolic, which develops around the idea of man's domination of nature. And in contrast, the last category, the sublime, represents the divine power of nature. A painting called An avalanche of ice in the Alps by Philippe James De Loutherbourg is representative of this. The end of the 19th century will allow landscape painting to really flourish thanks to impressionism and its most famous representative, Claude Monet. The modern landscape is more about capturing the overall mood, rather than highlighting the details, with colour and contrast as weapons. The landscape has become a major subject in contemporary painting. 

Landscape paintings by numbers are a wonderful idea that can help you learn art on your own. All you have to do is choose a paint by numbers kit that you like and follow the guide using the brushes and paint provided, and get on with it! It can be used to decorate your living room or your bedroom. Whether it's a sunset, a tree of life, or an easy seascape, you'll find everything you are looking for on our website.

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