Mini Paint by numbers

Explore our latest small paint by numbers models, sized at 20x20cm, stretched on wooden frames. Eager to receive your kit? We offer our mini canvases with 48-hour delivery all over the UK!
Painting by numbers is a fun way to express your creativity! It's relaxing, therapeutic, and suitable for everyone, a superb way to create beautiful pieces of art you can be proud of. So what are you waiting for? Try our mini paint by numbers today!


Small paint by numbers sets are growing in popularity and becoming a unique decorative item for homes. Versatile, the 20x20cm square stretched canvas paint by numbers will fit any decor style and can be arranged in various ways to create a visually appealing display. Perfect for rooms where wall space is limited, like flats or small homes, your paint by numbers will certainly find its place in your interior!

The Figured’Art mini paint by numbers kits on stretched canvas allow you to create unique works without any prior painting experience. The 20x20cm size is ideal for those new to paint by numbers and want to dive into this creative hobby. You can easily paint pictures of flower bouquets, turbaned women, holiday landscapes, and animals in a modern style, as well as reproductions and our best sellers in mini format.


Why not create your own triptych with paint by numbers? Comprised of 3 paintings of the same style, triptychs are making a comeback and let you create a unique artwork and add your personal touch to your interior.

The triptych paint by numbers allows you to tell a story and will add a unique narrative dimension to your artwork. Displayed in various ways, according to individual preferences, the mini paint by numbers can be hung side by side to form a continuous line, or can be arranged in different places to create a more personalised display. With Figured’Art mini paint by numbers, you'll find easy painting ideas for your bedroom, kitchen, or living room that will make a big impact on your decor.

So, take advantage of our 20x20cm mini paint by numbers on stretched canvas now and create stunning pieces of art to hang in your home or give as gifts to your loved ones.
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