Paint by Numbers Discover the World

Travel to the four corners of the world with our paint by number kits! Whether you enjoy Japanese or African culture, or would like to learn how to paint a budhha … there's something for everyone.

Our paint by numbers are perfect for getting started in the magical world of painting. Follow our method and improve easily and with no stress. Our paint by number kits are 100% equipped, so pick up your paint brushes and begin the journey!

Our paint by numbers canvases allow you to create real paintings, thanks to our easy and fun method, within reach of beginners or more experienced painters! At Figured’Art, we share our passion for illustration by giving you all the elements to make your paintings perfect. 

Travel around the world with paint by numbers

If you're looking for a paint by numbers that requires a certain level of artistry, then our selection of paintings will take you to the ends of the earth. Please take advantage of our easy-to-reproduce paintings to improve your artistic skills. Landscapes from around the world are great to paint as these compositions will help you work on your architectural technique using dimensions. If you want to travel through your creations, then painting by number is for you!

A  buddha or the Taj Mahal to paint by numbers

Traditions in painting have evolved dramatically over time: discover the evolution of different cultures through time! The techniques are numerous and different in the cultural paintings, allowing you to move quickly from one subject to another with a painting by numbers. Some of these pre-drawn paintings will take you from Thailand to Africa. What better way to learn about the customs of each country in the world while improving your painting skills? Traditions are fascinating subjects because each work is different and depends on the point of view of its painter and its origin: paint by numbers a historical monument, a representation of festival celebrations, customs, or even traditional clothes of a specific country!

Paint by numbers will help you to blossom while painting. A real moment of relaxation between you and your work. Our kit will be your best ally throughout your creation. Much more than a creative hobby, painting by numbers is real work on oneself and patience to concentrate and complete your task. Paint by numbers will make you teleport yourself in time and space.

Painting the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, or other monuments and moments of life from around the world are available at Figured'Art. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, you can quickly reproduce unique paintings representing the most beautiful landscapes and monuments from around the world. Many styles are available; painting is straightforward with our guided step-by-step method. You will receive your chosen paint by numbers canvas, with the necessary colours and brushes. Just follow the steps one by one and enjoy this wonderful creative moment. 

Painting by numbers is the secret of well-being. A warm moment where you will develop your creativity and is a guaranteed success while taking this time to think about yourself and decompress from your day. Painting is a real moment of happiness, especially when you travel in your living room. Once your work is finished, you can easily hang it in your house to share your artistic talent with your friends.

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