Vintage travel posters to paint by numbers: an art deco touch to your room

Vintage travel posters to paint by numbers will add a touch of elegance to any decor!


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Vintage travel posters to paint by numbers are ideal if you want to add a feel of authenticity to your interior design. Vintage posters have been popular in recent years! They are generally associated with a vintage and nostalgic style, and are highly valued for their ageless appeal and unique appearance. They were inspired by vacation commercials published in the 1950s.



vintage posters paint by numbers


Designed to catch the eye and encourage people to travel to more or less distant destinations, vintage travel posters appeared in the 1950s when mass tourism began to take off. From railway companies to tourist information centres, and from airlines to shipping companies, everyone understood the importance of using advertising posters to promote popular and exotic holiday destinations, coastal towns and beach resorts.

Very colourful, vintage travel posters were designed to attract the attention of passers-by and often featured images of iconic landmarks or picturesque landscapes to inspire people to escape their daily lives and explore new places.


vintage posters paint by numbers


Paris, New York, London, and Venice were obviously among the most frequently represented cities: the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, Big Ben and the Tower of London, gondolas in Venice, and San Francisco's cable cars all became iconic images.

Today, vintage travel posters have become highly sought-after collector's items for art enthusiasts, historians, and collectors. As original posters have become very rare, inspired reproductions of these posters have emerged. Figured'Art's vintage travel posters in paint by numbers will take you on a journey through time, with a modern touch added! They will undoubtedly add a touch of charm and history to any space, whether it's a living room, office, or bedroom.


A DIY project for your interior decoration


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Displaying a vintage travel poster is an excellent way to decorate your home with an art deco and stylish artwork. But painting it is even better! Very aesthetic, they will undoubtedly catch your guests' attention with their vibrant colours and detailed style. Figured'Art paint by numbers kits include everything you need to start your project, from the pre-numbered canvas to the paint pots and brushes, and ensure that you create a masterpiece that you will be proud to display at home!

And why not take this opportunity to learn a little more about the history of the city you are painting? Often featuring iconic buildings, you can immerse yourself in the culture of the country and city you are painting while relaxing. In addition to creating a work of art with your own hands that you can display in your living room or bedroom, painting a vintage travel poster is an excellent way to relax and unleash your creativity! Painting is a soothing activity that can help reduce stress and improve concentration. So don't wait any longer to try it out!




vintage posters paint by numbers


What a wonderful idea to gift a vintage travel poster that you created yourself! It is the ideal present for travelers and history lovers who want to put a personal touch to their home decor! This thoughtful choice, which will have a personal meaning for the person receiving it - their childhood city, a vacation memory, or a significant event site - will be an amazing gift that will undoubtedly satisfy. Art and design lovers will appreciate the unique artistic charm of vintage travel posters, with their details and vibrant colors. They make an affordable, unique, and meaningful gift option.

Discover now the exclusive collection of vintage travel posters to paint by numbers. City, sea or countryside landscape, everyone will find a connection to these beautiful places in the world. Get your brushes ready!