Paint by Numbers Accessories

All the accessories and tools to help you paint by numbers quickly and enjoyably. Magnifying glasses for enlarging the numbers, paint brushes specially designed for the small areas of your paint by numbers, wooden frames (DIY frames) to assemble yourself, easels, or even extra sets of paints for your greater comfort, all with impeccable quality.

Develop your artistic creativity while you relax, that's our promise at Figured‘Art.


Painting by numbers is a creative hobby that allows you to create your paintings without being a skilled artist. Creating a paint by numbers is soothing and therapeutic. However, for excellent work, the choice of quality accessories is essential. Figured’Art paint by number kits include a numbered canvas and a set of acrylic paint pots and brushes. Follow our guided method and use the corresponding colours to fill in the areas on the canvas, creating a unique painting.

Many accessories are available for you, the paint by numbers enthusiast, to enhance your creative experience and your paintings. Here you will find accessories and equipment to take your painting to the next level, from a pair of magnifying glass for precision work to a set of extra brushes of different sizes and shapes to paint certain areas and details on your canvas to an easel for your canvas that allows you to adjust the angle of the painting and avoid back pain. Because it is essential to have good tools, we are committed to offering you only quality accessories.  


Get away from your daily routine and take a moment for yourself. Taking care of yourself is essential for maintaining good mental health and allows you to do things you love, which brings you joy! Painting by numbers will enable you to recharge and relax which can improve your mood, reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and improve your overall well-being. Take time to focus on your needs and priorities while creating beautiful artwork. 

With all the tools and accessories offered here and the many paint by numbers themes offered by Figured‘Art, you can quickly bring your art projects to life.

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