Diamond Painting Cities

Discover our diamond painting collection dedicated to modern citiesThe world's biggest megalopolis are available, such as New York, Paris, or London, with pre-printed adhesive canvases that will allow you to create beautiful paintings step by step easily.

Ideal for beginners or art lovers who want to perfect their diamond painting technique. You can then hang your high-quality work at home.


Wander through the narrow streets of Paris at the corner of a florist's shop, take a walk in Tokyo, Venice, or New York, or even walk up the steps of St Michel's Mount in France; that's what we propose to you with this collection. Make a beautiful diamond painting related to architecture to hang in your home or to give as a gift. 

There are many reasons to paint cities. The complexity and diversity of urban environments provide endless inspiration for Art. Indeed, cities are constantly changing and evolving, making them an exciting subject to work on. Moreover, for history buffs, painting cities is a way to document and preserve the culture of a place. Whether you want to explore the contrast between the natural world and the built environment or depict the human experience in an urban setting, Figured’Art diamond painting kits will allow you to explore all of these themes. Each artist will have his or her perspective and motivation for exploiting this subject. 

Artists like to depict cities in art and painting, attracted by the complexities and diversity of urban environments. Some well-known examples of paintings depicting cities include Gustave Caillebotte's "Paris street: Rainy day," Johannes Vermeer's famous "View of Delft," and Henri Rousseau's city. These paintings highlight the uniqueness and beauty of the cities they depict and offer a glimpse into the daily lives of the people there. In addition, many contemporary artists continue to be inspired by cities and use their Art to explore the urban landscape.


Diamond painting is a great way to exploit the subject of cities, as this handmade activity allows you to create beautiful, colourful, and sparkling works. Figured’Art's complete diamond painting kits contain all the materials you need to complete your work: pre-printed adhesive canvas, bags of diamonds to match the different symbols on the canvas, a specially designed diamond painting stylus, and wax for gluing the beads. You can also choose to make your own custom diamond painting kit with your photo of your city! So please sit back and enjoy our guided method to focus on your project, relax and create a beautiful piece of Art! 

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