All about diamond painting tools

Diamond Painting Tools: What You Need to Know


diamond painting tools

If you enjoy diamond painting, you know that choosing the right diamond painting tools is key to achieving a perfect result. Whether you're new to diamond painting or an experienced artist, having the right accessories is essential for fully enjoying this creative activity. Figured’Art has all the materials you need to create your sparkling work of art, including adhesive canvas, applicator pens, wax, and more.

Let's dive deeper into all the diamond painting tools that will take your project to the next level. 




diamond painting pen


The diamond painting pen is an essential diamond painting tool for anyone who wants to create stunning masterpieces with precision and ease. This tool is specifically designed to make it easy to pick up and place individual diamonds onto the canvas without damaging them or affecting their shine.

Using the diamond painting pen is simple. You start by pressing the pen onto the wax square to pick up the diamond, then gently place it onto the corresponding spot on the canvas. Repeat this process until the entire canvas is covered with diamonds, one by one, following the pattern you've chosen.

The diamond painting pen provides a comfortable grip that allows you to work for hours without getting tired. It also offers better control over the placement of the diamonds on the canvas, ensuring that your diamond painting looks neat and precise. Using the diamond painting pen ensures that each diamond is placed individually, avoiding errors and saving you a lot of time and effort!

It's important to note that the diamond painting pen should only be used with one colour of diamond at a time. This helps prevent mistakes and ensures that the pattern stays accurate. It is important to know that you should also clean your diamond painting pen regularly to prevent wax buildup and ensure it works like new.

With a bit of practice, you’ll see, you will be able to create stunning artworks easily!  




diamond painting tool


The multiple tip pen is an essential accessory for diamond painting enthusiasts, especially those working on larger and more complex projects. This diamond painting tool features multiple allotments, allowing you to pick up and place multiple diamonds at once, covering a larger surface area of the canvas in a single motion.

Using the multiple tip pen is simple. It works the same way as a standard diamond painting pen: press the tip onto the wax square and pick up the diamond, then place it where you want it on the canvas. However, with the multiple tip pen, you can pick up and place multiple diamonds at once, which is especially useful when working on larger and more intricate sections of the canvas.

The multiple tip pen will definitely save you time and reduces hand and finger fatigue by allowing you to cover more ground with fewer movements. This makes the diamond painting process more efficient and comfortable, especially for longer projects. It's also great for creating more complex patterns and colour gradients.




The sorting tray is a very useful diamond painting accessory that allows you to sort diamonds by colour. It's a small plastic tray equipped with several compartments, each of which is intended for a specific colour. This method allows you to easily organise your diamonds and not waste time looking for the right colour.




diamond painting tool


Level up your diamond painting game with the help of a must-have diamond painting tool: the tweezers.

Essential for sorting, preparing, and organizing your diamond drills to ensure a successful project, the tweezers play a crucial role in diamond painting. They make it a breeze to select and place your diamonds on your tray with precision and cleanliness, helping them adhere to the canvas better. Plus, the tweezers come in handy when correcting any misplaced diamonds during the application process.




diamond painting tool


But what good are perfectly sorted diamonds if you can't find them when you need them? That's where the storage box comes in. By sorting your diamond painting beads by colour and keeping them organised, you can quickly retrieve the ones you need and reduce errors when working on larger projects. Plus, you'll never have to worry about losing beads again - they'll be safely stored in their separate compartments, and you will be able to use the rest of your diamonds for future projects. 

With these essential tools, you'll streamline your diamond painting process and create a stunning masterpiece that'll make your friends and family envious. Don't wait any longer and let your creativity shine!