Diamond Painting

Discover our wide range of diamond painting kits and let your imagination run wild! Figured'Art offers a unique collection of diamond art of animals, landscapes, flowers, romance, cities, and more.

Each kit contains all the materials you need to create your 5d diamond painting. Discover the pleasure of creating diamond paintings and take advantage of the free delivery!

If you want to give a gift to your loved ones or are looking for an original painting to hang at home, diamond painting is just what you need! You can easily create a colourful and dazzling artwork by gluing tiny diamond beads onto a canvas! What's more, it's great fun to do!

diamond painting kits uk

Here you can find all our complete diamond painting kits, where you can select the theme and difficulty of your choice. Each kit contains all the necessary tools to create your diamond art: An adhesive canvas and its symbols, a diamond painting pen with extra tips, diamond-shaped beads, and wax. We also provide custom diamond painting kits with your own picture!

Diamond painting allows you to create irregular patterns with contours and curves, making it a fantastic way to add depth and dimension to your projects.


Diamond art has a long history that goes back hundreds of years. It is thought to have originated in China in the 15th century, during the Ming Dynasty, but was not known outside of Asia until much later. The skill required to create intricate diamond painting designs has remained unchanged since its inception, making it a rewarding and time-consuming art form for experienced and novice artisans. The skill required to create these beautiful works of art is undeniable, and diamond painting remains one of the most popular decorations today. With Figured'Art, you can access this ancient art form and create magnificent works through our numbered canvases. Match the number to the colour and watch your diamond painting come to life. We have developed over 1000 items on various subjects to suit everyone's taste. You're sure to find something you like!

Diamond painting can seem daunting if you have never tried it before. However, with patience and guidance, anyone can do this creative hobby. Start by gathering all the necessary tools to create a your next project. We offer kits that include everything you need to make your diamond paintings. But if you need a particular accessory, you can find it in our dedicated category. Position yourself in a quiet place using the diamond painting pen, and apply wax to the back of each small diamond before carefully gluing them to dotz on the canvas according to your design. You can proudly hang your artwork when everything looks perfect and glued well!

Whether you choose one of our patterns or to make a custom diamond painting, it is easy to create, in just a few simple steps, beautiful diamond art paintings that will impress everyone who sees them. 

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