Diamond Painting Dance

Diamond painting and Dance are two distinct forms of artistic expression that are meeting here in this collection. You will find beautiful prima ballerinas or modern flamenco dance diamond painting kits here.

Both require creativity, attention to detail, and a love for art, allowing individuals to express themselves and create something beautiful. If you are an avid dancer or just like the beauty of movement, this collection is definitely for you. 


Highlight a dancer's graceful movements and her flowing dress with diamonds. The background could be colourful, swirling abstract design or a scene from a dance performance, with the audience and stage in the distance. The colours of the diamonds will capture the energy and excitement of dance, creating a captivating and vibrant piece of art. 

A dance diamond painting artwork is a vibrant and captivating way to celebrate the beauty and artistry of dance. Diamonds will fill in the details of the ballerina's costume and background scenery, while the colours and sparkle of the diamonds will add this extra layer of energy and movement to the painting. 

The painting could also depict a specific dance style or cultural dance, adding a touch of historical or cultural significance to the artwork.


Dance is a popular subject in art and paintings. From traditional ballet and contemporary dance to street and folk dance, artists continue to be inspired by the beauty and grace of the human form in motion. As a result, dance in art captures not only the physical aspects of the art form but also the emotional and spiritual aspects, making it a timeless and enduring subject in art.

Diamond painting is a craft where colorful, small resin diamonds are placed on a pre-printed adhesive canvas to create a mosaic-like image. It is similar to cross stitching or paint by numbers, but with the added sparkle and shine of the diamonds. The diamonds are placed using a wax diamond painting pen, and the finished product can be hung on a wall or used as a decorative piece. Diamond painting is a popular hobby for those who enjoy arts and crafts and can provide a relaxing and creative outlet.

Enjoy the moment and create stunning artwork with our diamond painting kits. 

All our kits include an adhesive canvas with the pattern printed on it, bags of diamonds, and all the diamond painting accessories you need to start your project.