Paint by Numbers

Let your artistic mind wander and discover our wide collection of paint by number kits FREE SHIPPING WITHOUT MINIMUM PURCHASE IN THE UK!

hether you love landscapes, flowers, animals, nudes, or you dream to replicate a masterpiece, let yourself be tempted by the experience. Each kit contains a high quality numbered canvas, matching paint pots, brushes and a miniature photo to guide you.

We have created a large collection of designs in order to introduce you to painting by numbers. A wide choice of models to paint animals, a landscape, a city or even create a custom paint by number with you own photo are available at Figured'Art. Have a wonderful relaxing and learning time working on a quick and easy painting.


If you want to learn how to paint or improve your painting skills, painting by numbers is for you. We adapt to your level and offer paint by number kits for beginners or more experienced painters in order to progressively improve your skills and see your evolution over time. These quick and easy to make paintings can be done in several stages. This process allows you to relax from time to time without having to paint for several hours without interruption. 

Learning how to paint is a good start, but making art that you enjoy is the most important. With this wide selection of paint by numbers, learn different painting techniques while creating the landscape of your dreams, painting a beautiful rose, or your favourite pet. 

From cubism, expressionism, realism, pop art..., travel through time and choose the style you like. Work on famous artists' works and soak up their talent without having to rack your brains. You already know what you are going to paint because the paint by numbers shows you step-by-step how to reproduce the work.


Painting like Van Gogh or reproducing a country landscape has never been so easy. At Figured'Art, we provide you with all the elements you need to create your paint by numbers. Painting becomes child's play with the help of our guided method and instructions. You will receive a pre-printed canvas, with the different colours needed to make your work and brushes. You then simply complete the boxes one by one to reveal the beautiful canvas you have chosen: a fun and educational process to relax!

Painting is one of the best escapes to enjoy the end of the day or weekend. Develop new senses with the help of our paint by numbers. Escape with your creations by travelling through your own canvases. You will become one with yourself as your focus will help you feel better. The multiple subjects of Figured’Art's paintings will help you take the plunge and discover the joy of painting.

Painting by numbers is also about decorating your home with your own creations. Choose the painting style that will delight your living room. Then start painting while learning techniques and applying yourself to create the most beautiful work. And finally, enjoy your final creation by sharing it with friends and family by hanging it in your living room.

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