Diamond Painting Discover the World

Travel to the four corners of the world with our diamond painting kits!  Whether you enjoy Japan or the African culture, or would like to learn how to paint a budhha … there's something for everyone.  

At Figured’Art, we share our passion for illustration by giving you all the elements to make your paintings perfect. 

Our complete kits include small coloured diamond beads, an adhesive canvas, and a pen to glue your diamonds to allow you to make actual diamond paintings, thanks to our easy and fun method!

Explore the world with 5d diamond painting! 

Our diamond painting collection, "Discover the world," will take you to the ends of the earth. Buddhas, landscape paintings of different Asian or African continents, everything is made to make you travel the world! Diamond art will also help you improve your artistic skills. Colours, curves, and landscapes worldwide will allow you to work on your technique. 

Buddha paintings represent calm and serenity. More than a religious symbol, this motif is fascinating to work with due to its play of colours, shadows, and symbols. So often depicted with a peaceful and gentle expression, it reflects the inner calm and inspires to achieve enlightenment.

Discover other cultures with a diamond painting that will take you from Japan to the african continent and allow you to open up to new horizons while working on your diamond painting skills. The traditions of different countries are fascinating subjects due to their cultural richness, and representing them will bring many skills to every artist: historical monuments, festivals, and customs are intriguing elements to depict.

Taj Mahal and Buddha diamond painting kits

Diamond painting will help you blossom while having a truly relaxing time. Our diamond painting kit includes all the necessary materials to complete your work: an adhesive canvas, bags of diamonds corresponding to the symbols indicated on the canvas, and a pen specially designed for diamond painting with its wax for gluing the diamond beads. A source of relaxation, diamond painting helps to reduce stress and improve general mental well-being. In addition, after completing your work, you will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment which will boost your self-esteem. 

Let your creativity run wild with our "Discover the world" diamond painting collection. Your diamond painting will make an excellent gift for your loved ones, brighten up your home, bring back memories of holidays, or transport you to a magical place. 


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