Diamond Painting Animals

What better way to get started in diamond painting and improve your technique than with our diamond painting kits of multicolored, modern, funny and humanised animals?

If you are looking for a diamond painting of a horse, a cat, a bulldog, or an elephant, there is something for everyone! Painting animals has never been easier with our diamond painting easy to follow method.

If you are looking for a creative activity that is not only fun and easy, but also produces amazing results, look no further! Discover diamond painting, and in particular our collection based on the theme of animals. You can create your own beautiful pieces with ease. 

Create a horse diamond painting

Diamond painting is an art form that combines traditional painting techniques with modern technology. It creates stunning works of art by placing coloured diamonds on an adhesive canvas to form complex patterns. The result is a beautiful piece of art that can be hung on the wall!

Whether you prefer a realistic subject close to your pet or a colourful abstract diamond painting of the wildlife, we offer a wide collection of diamond paintings on the subject! You're sure to find something you like! We have chosen to represent many artistic trends, to suit as many people as possible! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced adult, you will find animal diamond paintings for all levels. In addition, our painting kits are available in different sizes: both medium and large models - you decide! 


Our diamond painting kits contain everything you need to create your artwork with quality accessories: a high-quality adhesive linen canvas, individually numbered bags of diamonds, either round or square according to your choice, and a diamond painting pen. With the help of the wax plate also included in your kit, you can easily pick up the diamonds with the pen. This practice makes it easy to stick them on the canvas. To make it easier to make your creation, you will also find a pair of pliers and a tray. You can enjoy a relaxing experience while creating a glittering work of art with a beautiful result.

Take advantage of a creative activity to relax and have a good time! In addition, diamond painting gives you the opportunity to create unique pieces of art, which look great hung on walls or used as decorative objects in your home. This is ideal if you want to represent an animal that is dear to your heart, or simply discover a new theme and paint a sea turtle for example. Whatever the size, animal or difficulty, we regularly update our collection to offer new models to our loyal customers. With our diamond painting system, creating these pieces has never been easier! All you have to do is choose the animal pattern you want to try first! So don't wait any longer and start today!

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