How to frame a diamond painting?

Is your diamond painting completed and sealed ? It is now time to frame it and display it in your home!

how to frame diamond painting


Have you completed your diamond painting and are ready to proudly display it in your home? Once all the beads are placed and your crystal art protected to ensure the diamonds stay in place (have you read our blog article on how to seal a diamond painting?), it's time to move on to the next step: framing! You've spent time creating your sparkling masterpiece, so it would be a shame to store it and forget about it in the back of a cupboard! It's therefore important to find the right place to display and, most importantly, enjoy it.




The choice of frame for your crystal art depends on several factors, including the size of the canvas, the style of the artwork, and your personal preferences regarding decoration.


diamond painting frames


The size of your diamond painting is an important point not to be overlooked. Indeed, standard frames are available in a variety of sizes, but if your work is a specific size, you'll need to choose a custom-made frame. So, make sure to measure your work to find the perfect frame for it. At Figured'Art, we offer diamond painting kits in standard sizes as well as larger dimensions. You can easily check the size of your diamond art directly on the canvas.

Depending on the style of the artwork and your interior decoration, you can choose a colour or material that will enhance your creation and complement the room in which it will be displayed. It is essential that the frame blends in with the surroundings and does not create any visual dissonances.

For example, an elaborate and ornate frame would better suit a classic or romantic work, while a simple and sleek frame would be perfect for a modern or minimalist crystal art. Also, wooden frames are generally warmer and more traditional, while aluminium and plastic ones have a more modern and clean look. It's also important to ensure that the frame is proportional to the size of your diamond painting and the space where it will be hung. A too-thick frame will overwhelm a small creation, while a too-thin frame won't stand out around a large diamond painting format.

But after all, the choice of frame is up to you, as the creator of the diamond painting, so the frame that complements your work should please you. You'll be proud to display and present it to your loved ones. Compliments and wow effect guaranteed!



It is important to choose the right type of frame to showcase your crystal art, as well as to protect it and prevent damage. Keep in mind that a diamond art is thicker than a traditional canvas, so it's necessary to consider the thickness of your work and its dimensions when choosing the most suitable frame that will make framing easier.


The standard frame


diamond painting frames standard


Standard frames are available in a variety of materials, colours, and styles. Generally made of wood, aluminum, or plastic, they are an affordable and easy-to-find option in stores, as well as being very simple to use.


The box frame


diamond painting box frames


These frames are designed with a space between the artwork and the edge of the frame, creating a sense of depth. This type of frame is particularly well-suited to diamond paintings, as it allows for the thickness of the diamonds without crushing them.


The floating frame


An interesting option for displaying a crystal art, the floating frame will emphasise the sparkle of the diamonds! Indeed, the diamond art is attached to a solid support and placed between two panels of glass or plexiglass, giving the impression that your work "floats" within the frame.


The clip frame


Clip frames are a simple and cost-effective option for framing a crystal art. They consist of metal or plastic clips that hold the artwork between a glass or plexiglass panel and a solid support. Although less sturdy than other options, these frames are easy to assemble and disassemble.


The custom frame


If the size of your diamond painting doesn't correspond to any standard frame type, you may need to opt for a custom frame, especially if your work is large. Framing professionals can help you choose the material, colour, style, and dimensions of the frame, as well as adding mounts and other customisation elements.


The stretcher frame


diamond painting kits with frames


The stretcher frame is an alternative to traditional framing to showcase your work of art while providing solid support. But why not save time by ordering a stretched canvas diamond painting kit? It will already be assembled, all you have to do is find a place for it in your interior!


You can now contemplate your framed crystal art as it hangs on the wall and take a moment to appreciate your masterpiece!