Paint by Numbers Cities

Discover the art of paint by numbers for adults with our range dedicated to modern cities. Some of the more famous megalopolis of the world are available to be reproduced here such as New York, Paris or London. 

Ideal for beginners or Art lovers wishing to perfect their painting technique. You can then hang your high-quality works in your home. Our kits are complete, with no mixing required, and include paints, canvas and miniature model as well as brushes.

These paint by number kits will allow you to paint beautiful monuments easily. Paint your hometown, a city you love, with the help of Figured’Art. A moment of relaxation and learning that allows you to travel and have a splendid result worthy of a professional painter.


If you want to make a painting by numbers related to architecture or travel, you are at the right place. Many representations of the city exist and have evolved over time. An easy painting on the theme of the city will allow you to develop your realistic touch. The aim is to represent the landscape as such, as if you had a photo in front of your eyes. Paint by numbers is accessible for all levels. Choose the difficulty of your project and progress gradually. 

A beautiful church in the UK, a bridge at sunset, or even a famous monument are available at Figured'Art. Here you will find many easy-to-make canvas painting ideas. Our paintings are adapted to your level and can therefore be used by beginners or experienced people. Just follow the steps one by one and enjoy the process! And if you cannot find the city you are looking for in this collection of paint by numbers for adults, you can custom make your kit with your own photo!


The paintings of cities have evolved over time, in line with the transformation of the landscape and the artistic techniques developed over the years. Each method differs from one city painting to another: some painters work with black and white, others with bright colours, or some cities are presented as cartoonish landscapes. Cities are a very exciting subject in art because the representation depends on the painter's point of view. From outdoor work on a desk to represent the city as he saw it in life size, or a landscape straight out of his imagination, the painters liked to develop their work on the dimension of the elements of the work and its colours. 

This is what we offer you with our ready-to-use paint kit. Step by step, we will guide you to create a beautiful art piece.

In addition to improving your painting skills, these numbered paintable canvases will allow you to travel to cities of all eras. Painting is a real moment of relaxation that allows you to find yourself and your memories. Adult paint by numbers will help you decorate your home or make gifts for your loved ones.

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