Cross-stitch: Everything you need to know about the DMC colour chart

Embroidery threads and DMC colour chart for cross-stitch: we'll explain everything!


Your Figured'Art cross-stitch kit is open, and you have all the accessories laid out in front of you. But before you start your new project, it's important to understand what the colours of threads included in your kit correspond to and how to navigate them.


color chart cross stitch embroidery


You've probably heard of the famous DMC colour chart, but what is it exactly? Follow our guide to learn more about embroidery threads and their history.


What is DMC?


DMC is a French company that specializes in embroidery threads, particularly mouliné threads, which are most commonly used in cross-stitching. Since the 18th century, DMC has been known for manufacturing the first cotton thread.

Since then, the company has produced high-quality threads for hand and machine embroidery, sold worldwide. Following this success and its wide range of available colours (over 500 to date!), DMC created a colour chart that is recognized as the standard reference for embroidery thread colours.


The mouliné embroidery thread for your cross-stitch project


color chart cross stitch embroidery


The mouliné embroidery thread is one of the most commonly used threads for cross-stitch embroidery. Made from six twisted strands of cotton thread, its texture is soft and slightly shiny. When creating your cross-stitch project, you can choose to use it as is, or divide it into individual strands. At Figured'Art, we recommend using three strands, which means dividing your skein into two. Why? It depends on the fabric used and the desired effect. In the case of cross-stitch fabric included in your kit, we use 11CT AIDA fabric, corresponding to 11 stitches per inch, or 2.5cm. So if you use too many strands, you will get a too thick stitch and the details of your design will not stand out.


color chart cross stitch embroidery


To divide your skein, it is important to be delicate, especially if you are a beginner. Carefully pull the strands apart (you can take them by 3 if you want, but be careful not to pull too hard and end up with a big tangle of knots. The threads included in your kit are already pre-cut, so the possibility of damaging the thread by pulling it is much lower than with an 8-meter skein that you can find in stores.

Moreover, when embroidering with mouliné thread, it is important to work with strands of the appropriate length. If your thread strands are too short, you will need to connect them frequently, which can create knots and bumps in your embroidery. If your thread strands are too long, they can get tangled and create problems during embroidery. That's why it seemed important to us to provide you with the appropriate length in your kit to work effectively on your cross-stitch embroidery.

Mouliné embroidery thread is available in a wide range of colours, making it a popular choice for cross-stitch embroidery projects.


The DMC colour chart


color chart cross stitch embroidery


The DMC colour chart is an essential tool for any professional or amateur embroiderer. It is a sample of all embroidery thread colours available on the market and is even used by its competitors who use it to create their own threads.

The DMC color chart is often used in conjunction with embroidery patterns. These pattern designs specify the colors of threads to use for each part of the design. By using the DMC color chart, embroiderers can easily find the corresponding thread color for each part of the design.

In your Figured’Art cross-stitch kit, mouliné embroidery threads are included, so you don't have to worry about buying them separately.

The DMC color chart currently includes 500 different embroidery thread colors. Each colour is identified by a unique reference number ranging from 1 to 498 for embroidery threads and 1 to 12 for pearl threads (more commonly used for other types of embroidery).

As you can see in the paper guide provided in your cross-stitch kit, to the right of the symbol located in the legend, you can find the associated DMC color chart number.


color chart cross stitch embroidery


Now that you know a bit more about mouliné embroidery threads and the DMC color chart, it's time to start your cross-stitch project!