Diamond Painting Famous Paintings

Who hasn't dreamed of reproducing masterpieces in diamond painting? Can you create a diamond painting of the Mona Lisa? Do you have the artistic sense of Picasso or the immense talent of Van Gogh? Don't be afraid; let yourself be carried away by the Figured’Art method.

Get inspired by the greatest painters of this world! Our diamond painting kits will allow you to make reproductions of famous paintings in diamond art with our guided method for a guaranteed result.


The reproduction of Van Gogh or Picasso is no longer limited to painting! Why not combine diamond art with the representation of a legendary work? And discover the emotions that artists such as Redon, Pissarro, or Monet may have felt when creating their original paintings, which come to life before your eyes. You will no longer be a mere observer and will approach the different painting techniques from a different angle. Our guided method will enable you to create those diamond painting masterpieces we all admire.

It's time to take some time to relax while cultivating yourself. Diamond art involves creating a colourful, glittering image by applying small resin "diamonds" to an adhesive canvas. The repetitive and methodical process makes diamond painting incredibly soothing. In addition, the finished painting is beautiful and satisfying, which contributes to a sense of peace and well-being.

Van Gogh “Starry Night” diamond painting

Masterpieces are now accessible to the most significant number of people thanks to our diamond painting guide technique. Our complete 5d diamond painting kits will accompany you throughout the process: you will find all the necessary tools to complete your work. So relax and enjoy your moment of calm in front of your adhesive canvas. Take your diamond painting pen, and start the process. The great classics are within your reach, thanks to our systematic method. Reproduce paintings known for their artistic value and cultural significance, such as Van Gogh's "Starry Night," depicting a view of the night sky over a small town with swirling stars and a bright crescent moon, known for its bold use of colour and expressive brushstrokes, or Auguste Renoir's "Young Girls Reading," who used delicate brushstrokes and a soft, muted colour palette to create a peaceful, serene atmosphere in the painting.

Learn to listen to and express your emotions through this beautiful activity of diamond art.

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