Paint by Numbers: The Anti-Stress Art!

Paint by Numbers: The Anti-Stress Art!


Paint by numbers as a miracle cure to fight against stress?

In everyday life, most of us experience stress, some more than others. Stress at work, health concerns, problems in our relationships … how can we escape?

Specialists offer two methods to get away from your daily worries: meditation and hyper-concentration; both perfectly match the creative activity of paint by numbers.

This is why, for several years now, there has been a real boom in relaxation through art and numbered paintings in general. Some therapists describe paint by number as an art therapy.


Paint by numbers can help you find balance in your life.

Relaxation and meditation are so important for your well-being


Let's do a quick reminder: meditation frees and soothes your mind by emptying your thinking process for a moment. Do you realize that you no longer took the time to let your imagination run wild?

Since the start of smartphones our attention has dropped sharply, we are constantly busy with our digital devices, and we are losing our ability to step back and get out of this infernal spiral of an ultra connected world. It strongly affects our emotions and our ability to make the right decisions to achieve happiness.

How does our brain work? Continue reading!

In addition, we often hear about productivity, how to save time by "multi-tasking", but the human brain was not built this way. This causes an emotional overload that deprives you of your freedom of thought. So take action and regain control now!


Goodbye to attention problems! Welcome to Hyper-concentration!


The second technique to eliminate bad stress, but also to strongly develop your concentration skills, is called hyper-concentration.

This consists of focusing 100% on the completion of a task for a defined period of time, without any distractions (telephone, TV, etc.) which corresponds perfectly to the manual activity of paint by number. A total concentration with a guided method that allows you to arrive at a very nice result.


You can practice hyper-concentration while painting by numbers


Maybe you are aware that your mind is having trouble concentrating? It may seem difficult at first, because your brain is no longer used to this hyper-concentration, but little by little with a little effort and patience the results are incredible and radically change your day-to-day mood…

And what's better than paint by numbers to practice this hyper-concentration? A fun method, where you master the process from A to Z with the painting of each numbered box. Live the experience thoroughly, move forward by focusing completely on painting, each stroke with your brush, each colour change to finally achieve a magnificent work. Feel the emotions that each movement brings you, each little step that brings you closer to the final goal.


Paint by numbers : Fun and Relaxing, create your own Masterpiece!

The Art of Relaxation with Figured'Art: You won't believe your eyes!


Painting by number makes it possible to take time for oneself, it’s a form of art and creative leisure which reduces the level of anxiety and brings inner peace by promoting positive emotions. Art is at the service of well-being.

The method of paint by number does not require knowledge from a technical point of view, no need to know how to paint, that is why it’s accessible to all, for all tastes with an extremely varied choice of paintings to make. It allows you to develop two essential qualities to live in harmony with yourself: Patience and concentration. In life nothing happens in a second, you have to appreciate the process, not just the end result, experience the pleasure of seeing your canvas take shape and become a real work of art.

What's more beautiful than painting custom artwork from your own photo? Check our custom paint by numbers kits!

At Figured'Art we offer you countless options of the most beautiful paintings to relax you. Some creative hobbies can be expensive, but this is not the case as it’s accessible to all, given its very affordable price.

Paint by number is not only for adults, and there is no age limit to discover art. Some begin very young; it is not uncommon to see children start paint by number before 10 years of age. Paint by number is also a great idea for a creative gift for art lovers. It’s a great feeling to work on a painting with almost equivalent quality to renowned artists. And yes, believe in yourself, you are capable, go slowly, step by step and progress in art and life at your own pace. It's not a race, it's a long way to fulfillment.

So do not hesitate and test this creative hobby with a ready-to-use kit including canvas, brushes and quality acrylic paints.