Paint by Numbers Pop Art

The best selection of POP ART DIY paint by numbers. A fun, easy and enjoyable way to create your own pop art painting with bold and vibrant colours

Pop art is a popular and iconic art movement that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s, characterized by bold colours, simple shapes, and a playful and whimsical style. Painting pop art is a popular subject and offers a fun and easy way to create stunning artwork that captures the essence of this iconic art movement.


At Figured’Art, we offer a wide variety of pop art paint by numbers to choose from. Pop art animals to colourful iconic pop culture figures, our selection has something for everyone. Each kit includes a pre-printed canvas, paint brushes, and a set of paint pots with all the colours you need to complete the painting.

Pop art paint by number kits featuring animals are a fun and easy way for anyone to create their own unique piece of art. These kits include a pre-printed canvas with sections outlined in number codes, corresponding paint pots, and a brush. By following the numbers, even someone with no previous painting experience can create a stunning piece of art.

Pop art paint by numbers featuring animals are a great way to create a beautiful and unique piece of art, even for those with little to no painting experience. They are widely available and make for a great gift or a fun and relaxing hobby. Our kits give you an opportunity to explore the world of pop art and to make something special with your own hands.


One of the benefits of using these kits is that the final painting is guaranteed to be a unique piece of art, as each painter will have their own interpretation of the image. Additionally, the process of painting can be relaxing and therapeutic, making it a great hobby for those who want to de-stress or unwind.

Whether you prefer classic or modern pop art, paint by numbers is a great way to create beautiful artwork that captures the essence of this iconic art movement. Our paint by number kits make it easy for anyone to produce stunning pop art paintings, whether you're a beginner or an experienced painter. So why not give it a try and see what you can create?

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