Paint by Numbers UK

The Figured’Art paint by numbers in this "UK Stock" collection are available in 40x50cm size from our warehouse for 48-hour delivery in the UK  🇬🇧

Painting has never been easier with our ready-to-use kits. So experience our paint by numbers and enjoy a real moment of pleasure!


Creative inspiration doesn't pick a day to come knocking on the door. You must know how to react quickly and find a subject to paint that suits your taste. Like all artistic impulses, painting can become an absolute imperative! Whether you need to de-stress and relax around a pleasurable creative hobby or simply because you feel the need to convey emotions through manual activities, painting is the obvious solution. But how can you do this when you don't have a canvas to paint on? Or that one does not have a professional drawing path? Painting by numbers makes art accessible to everyone. 

In addition, Figured’Art has developed a collection dedicated to the impatient who want to complete their project quickly. To do this, we offer a stock of paint by numbers that can be delivered to your door within 48 hours. They are stored directly in our warehouse in the UK, ready to be shipped as soon as the order is placed. We offer paint by numbers on a wide range of subjects to create your paintings on canvas: animals, flowers, landscapes, and reproduction of works of art, etc.; you will indeed find a model you like! Besides the large variety of subjects, you will also find many different styles: pop art, realism, watercolour, classical painting, etc.; we aim to offer as many combinations as possible to suit as many people as possible. We even provide reproductions of famous paintings: we have built up a substantial collection of the most outstanding pictorial works. To ensure your selection fits into this category for express delivery, ensure your product is marked "✅ UK Stock: Delivery in 48hrs".


Painting by numbers consists of a pre-printed canvas with numbers corresponding to the paint colour, you just need to follow the guide! How does it work? Once your order is confirmed, you will receive your paint by number kit, including a canvas, different colours according to your needs, and brushes. To create your work, choose a well-lit and quiet place, turn off your phone and remove all distractions. All you have to do is make yourself comfortable and dedicate yourself to this moment!

In addition to fast delivery and a wide choice, we offer quality paint by numbers products and renew our collections regularly. So, you can always find new gems by regularly returning to our site. You will be able to create your artistic creations on birthdays or holidays. With a professional look, it can be easily integrated into the interior decoration of most homes. You can also offer a paint by number kit to someone who is artistic and doesn't want to start yet. The filters allow you to refine your search according to the easy, intermediate, or complex levels. But also according to the size of the canvas and the desired theme. So, you can find what you are looking for in just a few clicks!

Painting by numbers has never been easier with our Figured'Art ready-to-use kits. Experience our paint by number kits and enjoy a real moment of pleasure! Our colour by number collection includes hundreds of designs and is available for 48-hour delivery. Ideal even for the most ambitious among you!

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