10 tips for a perfect diamond embroidery experience

Diamond painting in 10 useful tips!

Diamond painting is a DIY art form that allows you to create a work of art by placing coloured rhinestones on a self-adhesive canvas. It allows you to create beautiful works of art while having fun and exercising your creativity and is also a great stress reliever. Whether you're decorating your living room or giving a gift to a loved one, check out our 10 tips for your next diamond painting.

Choose the right size canvas for your diamond painting

Choosing the right canvas size often seems trivial when it comes to your painting. Diamond painting on canvas is an activity that will take you several hours to complete for an excellent final result. To stay motivated over time, take into account your skills level. For those who are used to this art, diamond embroideries of 45 x 45 cm, 50 x 60 cm or 60 x 60 cm will not be a problem, because they have experience. They have also developed the great patience and regularity of action the practice of this activity requires.

Smaller diamond painting canvases (25 x 25 cm or 30 x 30 cm) are suitable for beginners who will be slower to work on such a project. This prevents them from being overwhelmed by the task and to gradually become familiar with the various diamond painting techniques.

Each of our kits contains all the materials you need to make your painting a perfect work of art: adhesive canvas, bags of diamonds, tweezers, pen, tray, wax, etc. You can discover the superb products in our collection of diamond paintings with cities, flowers, landscapes or animals. You will find with us the right size of canvas to make your diamond embroidery. You can even personalise a painting with one of your photos.

Line up the diamonds correctly with a ruler

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Make sure you find a flat, even surface before you start working. The flat surface on which your canvas rests can be a cutting board or a craft table. Don't hesitate to take a ruler with you to line up the pieces of resin to be laid. The ruler allows you to move forward with care and precision in your project. On your canvas, the ruler should be placed gently along the lines of the canvas. Once the ruler is secure on the surface, you can safely place your diamond painting stones.

Depending on the design you want to create on your canvas, you can also use a special diamond painting ruler: the square ruler with its line in the middle or the round ruler with hole cutouts. After carefully placing the diamond painting rhinestones through the slit in the object, you should slowly remove the ruler so that your artwork is not damaged. To do this, lift and bend the canvas, gradually peeling it away from the diamond paint.

Glue each diamond next to its symbol

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To optimise your work, we advise you to stick each coloured diamond next to its symbol on the legend sheet. This will make it easier to see which diamond to stick on your canvas.

Work on one colour at a time

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Although there are several tricks for placing the resin pieces on the diamond painting canvas, they are not all equally effective. One trick that will prevent you from getting lost in the work is to do one symbol of your diamond embroidery at a time. When you remove the adhesive film from your canvas, do not try to stick the diamond pieces together by colour criteria.

This strategy will waste a lot of time in the process. Instead, concentrate on one section at a time and do not move on to another without completing the previous one. By working in sections on your diamond painting canvas, you will progress evenly and much more efficiently. This technique also protects the unfilled areas of the canvas from dust or other dirt.

Glue the canvas to a flat, removable surface

One of our tips for successful diamond embroidery is to tape the canvas to a flat, even surface or cutting board. Perhaps you would like to continue making your artwork in town or at school? Perhaps you can't leave your diamond painting on the table at home because of your children? This tip will be very helpful. Make sure that the canvas is perfectly secured to your removable stand across the entire contact area.

Use washing machine wipes to avoid electrostatic build-up

Due to their chemical content, rhinestones tend to stick to each other in their container. This makes them difficult to handle. This means that your diamond embroidery painting becomes difficult and slower to complete. Simply place sections of anti-fading laundry wipes on your diamonds to reverse the electrostatic magnetism.

Use special pen heads for your diamond painting

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By putting wax on the tip of your pen, you can easily pick up the rhinestones and place them on the self-adhesive canvas. Special pen heads such as diamond wheels save you precious time when placing resin pieces of the same colour on a given line. Instead of placing them one by one, you simply place your diamonds at the ends of the wheel. Then simply roll your wheel along the line. You can apply up to 12 diamonds to a line at once!

Use curved tweezers

You may find that you have placed a diamond of the wrong colour in a particular area of your DIY painting. To avoid damaging the adhesive layer, use curved tweezers to gently remove the resin piece in question. Be gentle and don't force the tweezer head on the diamond. You need to preserve the adhesive part so that the correct resin can be placed in its place late.

Consider using an illuminated tablet

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You may have to work on your painting in an environment where the lighting is not optimal. In order to see the darker parts of your canvas and not strain your eyes too much, an LED illuminated tablet is a great idea. This plug-in device will effectively shine a light on the canvas, showing the areas to be filled in clearly. It is best to choose the A4 size illuminated tablets, as they are the most practical and can be easily carried around.

The grip for your diamond painting pen: an essential accessory

It takes many hours to complete a piece of diamond embroidery. It is easy to imagine how tiring it can be to hold the pen at your fingertips during the whole process. The grip allows a more natural handling of your embroidery tool. To prevent your fingers from hurting while working on your painting, this accessory is placed where your fingertips come into contact with the pen shaft.

The clever design is tailored to your hand to prevent it from shaking and getting tired. Don't forget to take your time to constantly check your work and adjust it if possible to get the best possible result.

Now it's your turn! Discover our extensive range of diamond painting kits on our website. You will then be able to enjoy this original and fun DIY activity.