Paint by Numbers for Kids

Give your kids the opportunity to develop their taste for painting and all its benefits with our collection of paint by numbers for kids ! Here you will find some easy to make painting ideas for children!

Our paint by number kits are specially designed to facilitate learning through games, with simple, colourful and fun designs, making this a truly enjoyable experience for kids. An easy and enjoyable method with practical paint by numbers for kids that include all the accessories your budding artists need.

Develop their creativity with beautiful animal number paintings and their favourite cartoon characters. A real moment of sharing and fun using our paint by numbers for kids, which will allow them to gain confidence while working on their creative spirit! Then hang the result in your child's room to remind them of the beautiful things they can do.


If you are looking for a nice gift for your children to spend time with you or to develop their independence, then painting by numbers for kids is a very good choice. Making a painting with your child and hanging it in your home is extremely symbolic for a young person. The quick and easy to complete charts have different levels of difficulty so you can see your child's progress over time.

A beautiful unicorn, a dinosaur, a cartoon character or a giraffe..., we offer you easy to make canvas painting ideas. You will find a large selection at Figured'art, your kids can even paint their own unicorns and gradually learn the basics of painting. With the help of our kit including a tutorial, a painting canvas, pots of colour and brushes, we are by their side every step of the way. 


Painting by numbers is a perfect activity for young people as it has many benefits that are recommended by psychologists and wellness specialists. First, paint by numbers allows your kids to express themselves without words, spend a calm and relaxing time with your child which will bring you closer together. Painting also helps to exercise the child's brain and awaken it. This will help your kid focus and concentrate over a period of time and will also build up the self-esteem that they need so much when they grow up. 

Our paint by numbers for kids will also help them develop their emotions and sensory experience so that they can create and produce artworks on their own. You can even make your own paint by numbers at the same time as your child!

You can now enjoy a moment of peace and quiet with your child. Develop their artistic and creative senses as well as yours, while leaving them free to create their future work of art. Art has the power to calm children as the mix of colours and the thoroughness of the task stimulates them enormously. With these beautiful paintings, you can make great gifts for your children's grandparents and your family while they discover your child's talent with Figured’art paint by number kit.

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