Diamond Painting Ships

Unleash your creativity with our marine-themed diamond painting collection. Sailboats, galleons, and seascapes create a maritime atmosphere in your home with a boat diamond painting. 

All the necessary material is included in our Figured‘Art diamond painting kit. This collection is sure to take you to new horizons!

Hoist the sails with diamond painting

For reasons of passion or personal history, the nautical world is often a theme sought after by artists. Boats have played an essential role in many cultures throughout history, and, as a result, they have often been represented in art. Often used as a means of transport in paintings, allowing artists to depict scenes of people traveling or trading, boats have often been used to represent the power of marine forces, as seen in many paintings of naval battles. In some cases, boats were also used to convey a sense of peace and serenity, represented in paintings of rivers and lakes. The influence of boats in paintings can be seen in the many different ways they have been used to represent a wide range of scenes and emotions.


Diamond painting has become a popular activity as it allows you to create beautiful, detailed works without needing any previous artistic skills. In addition, a relaxing and therapeutic activity can help reduce stress and promote mindfulness. It allows you to focus on a small, repetitive task and create a beautiful work of art. Express yourself through diamond painting to stimulate your creativity and develop your concentration. Whether you want to participate in this creative challenge by bringing a design to life or are looking for a relaxing and therapeutic activity, the marine theme will give you pride and satisfaction in your work. All our diamond embroideries are accessible to beginners and the more experienced. 

You will find in our kits all the accessories necessary for the realization of your diamond painting: A pre-printed numbered canvas, bags of diamonds corresponding to the different symbols, a diamond-painting stylus, and a storage tray to put your diamonds on. 

Whether you are a boat enthusiast or simply an invitation to peace and travel, discover our collection, follow our guided method and enjoy the process.

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