Diamond painting: techniques to use

The different techniques to use when creating your diamond painting

diamond painting

Diamond painting is a creative art that has millions of enthusiasts around the world. Fun and easy to learn, diamond art consists of creating sparkling paintings by placing small diamonds on a self-adhesive canvas. And the best part is that no previous experience is required to practice this activity! If you're passionate about this trendy crafting hobby, here's everything you need to know about the different techniques to use in your project.



The checkerboard diamond painting technique


diamond painting techniques


The checkerboard diamond placement process allows you to place your lines straight and have rhinestones properly aligned. This method of diamond embroidery allows you to save time in the realisation of your creations. The checkerboard technique consists of placing a diamond in every other square. In the same way, you should leave a square free and then place the diamond under the empty square on the next line. After this step, you will need to go back and fill in the empty spaces.

The checkerboard method reduces the risk of having inconsistent diamond patterns and holes between the rhinestones. The other advantage of this diamond painting technique is related to the click or pop that you hear when you place diamonds in the empty holes. The checkerboard method of diamond painting placement also makes it easy to fill in large areas with the same colour.

To be more effective, feel free to try the checkerboard technique with tweezers if you are using square diamonds. This way you can place them well and to better straighten out the pieces as you go along. Afterwards, you can use the pen applicator to fill in the empty holes on your canvas.

"Row by row" diamond painting method 


diamond painting pen


This method of diamond painting is one of the most enjoyable and fun techniques. It involves lining up the diamonds, row by row. If you have a large block on your canvas with the same colour, it is recommended that you use a multi-placement diamond painting pen. You can place 4 or 5 diamonds at the same time, row by row. If necessary and depending on the nature of your diamond painting, you can alternate colours. The "row by row" method makes it easy to align the rhinestones and achieve a better result.

"Colour by colour" diamond painting technique


diamond painting technique


This is a popular method for beginners in diamond painting and the more meticulous. This diamond painting technique consists of marking a path across the canvas and working one colour at a time. The main disadvantage of this technique is that the exposed areas may become less sticky over time.

With this method, the risk of losing diamonds is minimal. It is recommended for perfectionists and those who appreciate order. To keep your canvas free from dirt, feel free to secure it with a plastic food wrap once you have finished laying out the diamonds of one colour.

"Square by square" diamond painting technique

diamond painting technique
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This diamond painting option involves working on one section at a time. To do this, you will need to divide the entire canvas into squares. You must complete the placement of the diamonds on one square before starting on the next. With this method of diamond painting, it is advisable to reload the diamond painting pen from time to time and to opt for the use of only one colour category at a time.

However, the "square by square" method of applying diamonds is not the right option if you want to finish your work quickly. With this method, you will probably waste time alternating colours, especially if you have multi-coloured areas. When using this method, it is important to be careful not to leave any empty squares. Don't forget to cover your canvas with a protective film to prevent dust or pet hair from damaging it.

"Best for last" diamond painting method 

Also known as the gradual ascent technique, this diamond painting method consists of starting with the colour that has the least amount of rhinestones. Then you finish with the colour that has the highest amount of diamonds.

With the multi-tip pen in your kit, you will be able to place more diamonds of the same colour at a time and be more effective in the single-coloured areas. It is also possible to start by placing the more common diamond colours and end with the colours that are rare.

The “Window” method and the "parcel" diamond painting technique

The window method is suitable when working on large single-coloured areas. For example, you can divide your area into windows of 5 diamonds long and 5 diamonds wide. Once the windows have been created, place rhinestones of the required colour in the empty areas with an embroidery pen or using the tweezers supplied in your diamond painting kit. Like the checkerboard technique, the window diamond painting method keeps the lines as straight as possible.

The "parcel" technique is also easy to do. Simply divide your rhinestones of the same colour into lots. You then fill in the empty squares as you go along using the stylus of your diamond painting kit. These techniques will allow you to create real diamond painting works of art that you can offer to your loved ones or proudly display.

Our tips for a successful diamond painting

Combining paint-by-number and traditional cross-stitch embroidery, diamond painting is one of the creative hobbies that allows for relaxation and concentration. Although it requires more creativity, there are effective tips for working with ease and creating beautiful works of art. To make it easier to place your rhinestones on your embroidery canvas, use the precision accessories included in your diamond painting kit to get the look you want. You can also use a DIY sealant to secure your beads.

To remove imperfections and creases on your canvas once you have finished placing the beads, don't hesitate to apply weight to flatten them. For example, you can apply the weight of your body by placing the canvas under your mattress. In addition to these aspects, you should also avoid removing the plastic film from your diamond painting canvas. In case of dirt, do not hesitate to use baby wipes to make your diamond painting clean.

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