Accessories Diamond Painting

We have put together a wide selection of everything you need for your diamond painting: extra glue, storage boxes, or even a diamond painting light table! You can be assured that all our essential accessories are of the highest quality.

We update this collection of accessories regularly, adding new hard-to-find accessories like pen and grips! The satisfaction of completing a beautiful diamond painting masterpiece is just around the corner with Figured'Art!


If you're looking for that little extra something to help you create your diamond painting masterpiece, look no further! We understand how crucial it is to have the right tools and supplies, so we proudly offer quality accessories and materials. Artistic creativity has never been more accessible! With everything you need from start to finish available from us, it's time to transcend your imagination and create your artistic work. 

Practicing a manual and artistic activity is an excellent way to escape from everyday life and enjoy a moment. To do this, you can choose a diamond painting kit from our many collections that cover many styles. We offer works of all sizes at affordable prices and for all levels. Once you have placed your order, please enjoy this quiet and relaxing moment in your busy schedule. Likewise, we strongly advise you to plan for a dedicated space to stay focused. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the positive impact of manual and artistic activity on mental health. In particular, it reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. It is, therefore, a good leisure activity to take care of yourself while creating a little piece of art.


Figured'Art's extensive selection of diamond painting accessories is designed to help you bring your wildest projects to life! We understand that precision and perfection are the standards of excellence in projects, whether large or small. So every accessory can replace and fit perfectly on all our diamond painting kits. No surprises or unnecessary purchases! Thanks to our extensive product catalog, we ensure every project is faithfully reproduced. So don't worry; you can now enjoy complete freedom knowing that you have Figured'Art diamond painting accessories at your disposal!

With these tools, you can take your diamond painting projects to the next level. Also, if you lose any tools, don't worry, you can find them in this category!

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