Scratch Painting

Make a beautiful and colourful design with scratch art for adults and enjoy moments of relaxation and soothing! Work through your scratch art paper daily to discover the outstanding result that will appear at the end. 

This new diy craft is a perfect exercise that requires concentration and delicacy. 

Scratch art for adults: the new activity to discover

If you are looking for a new and innovative artistic project, scratch art is for you! Travel around the world and bring a beautiful city to life. Go to Paris, London, Hong Kong, and many others with the help of scratch art paper. This artwork has a lot of the play of colours to give life to your work. Innovatively painting a city has never been so easy with the help of our set that will guide you through your creation: a calm activity that will awaken the senses!

Rainbow scratch art ideas

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, scratch art can be made by anyone. This new art form involves scratching a pre-printed paper with a wooden stick. This manual activity is a perfect pastime to unwind from your long days at work. Take your scratch art paper and gradually reveal the rainbow colours of your card. Be careful because the whole canvas can be scratched, so we advise you to practice on the blank paper included in the set before starting your drawing. 

Scratching is a fairly simple art. All it takes is a little concentration and calm. Scratch art for adults follows the codes of classical painting, as you have to create a pictorial work. The only variable here is that you must depict a piece that has already been done to bring out the nuances of colour.

Explore the world with a scratch art set

The incredible Eiffel Tower, or even Big Ben and many other monuments - that's what you can do with the scratch art sets from Figured'Art. You can create unique paintings of your favourite monuments! We will guide you step by step through the process. In your scratch art set, you will find pre-printed scratch paper, blank paper for practice, and a double-sided wooden stick for precise scratching. 

Scratch art will allow you to enjoy a satisfying project that is addictive and makes you want to keep going. A moment out of time where you will have fun while creating beautiful works. Once your work is finished, you can proudly display it in your home to show off your talents to your guests.

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