Diamond Painting Kids

Give your kids the opportunity to develop their love for diamond painting and all its benefits! Here is the perfect idea for children aged seven and over!

Figured’Art diamond painting for kids is especially designed to make learning fun with simple, colourful designs, making it a fun experience. With our easy-to-follow instructions, all the tools to get them started are included in the Figured'Art diamond art for kids.


Diamond art is a fun and creative activity suitable for kids and adults. It involves using tiny coloured diamond beads to create a sparkling mosaic-like image on an adhesive canvas. This activity can help improve concentration, fine motor skills, and creativity in children.

To create a beautiful picture, all our diamond paintings for kids include an adhesive canvas, a specially designed diamond painting pen, diamond beads, wax, and a tray. 

To get started, choose a design your child will like to keep them motivated. Many different patterns are available, including animals, flowers, cartoons, etc. Once you have chosen your design and organized the materials provided in your kit on your table, have your child pick up the diamond beads one by one with the pen and place them on the canvas according to the symbols to create their shiny masterpiece.

Diamond painting is a fun and relaxing activity and a great way to spend time with your family and create something beautiful.


Encourage your kids to try new activities like diamond painting and explore their creativity. Expressing themselves through art will help them develop their imagination and creativity in a fun way to create a painting with their own hands.

Sharing this time with them will help create positive memories and build that strong bond that will help them thrive by choosing fun and engaging activities like diamond painting for kids.

As kids become more confident in their diamond painting projects, they will become more independent in pursuing this activity, which will boost their self-esteem and, at the same time, give them that sense of accomplishment and pride in their work.

Encouraging children to take up diamond painting will significantly support their growth and development. This activity offers a fun and engaging outlet for their creativity, and the diamond painting will help them grow and become more independent.