Paint by Numbers Christmas

Decorate your home with a painting by numbers from our Christmas collection: easy-to-paint beautiful landscapes with snow-covered mountains and large Santas and other ornaments will help soak up the magic of Christmas and the upcoming festivities.

Relax; it's cold; stay warm at home with your plaid. Start your paint by numbers at your own pace to hang your masterpiece in your living room above your beautiful fireplace.


If you are looking for a pre-designed canvas to fill your evenings and improve your painting skills, you are in the right place. Christmas paintings use beautiful shades of colours. These paint by numbers are accessible to a broad audience as there are different levels of difficulty. So please don't wait any longer and immerse yourself in the Christmas season with the help of our paint by number kits.

Christmas-related art has been around for hundreds of years. You can find a large number of paintings featuring Christmas cots with donkeys, oxen, and other characters. Many paintings and stained glass windows also celebrate the Christmas holidays, which are very well known. Everyone loves Christmas, so painting by numbers is an excellent reason to find something to do during the snowy evenings and prepare the famous Christmas presents. Painting by numbers will be your best ally in creating works related to this period.

Paint by numbers canvas will allow you to work with several different styles. You can find paintings dating from the Middle Ages and more modern ones in pop art and vintage styles. Take advantage of these easy-to-make paint by numbers. With the help of our kit, you will have all the instructions to create your artwork from A to Z. Christmas paintings are fascinating to work with; the colours are warm, giving you a feeling of well-being. A perfect moment of relaxation in the warmth of your home.


Beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky, a prominent Santa Claus, or even a snowy landscape... You will indeed find the design you like at Figured'Art. You can make your painting by numbers without any worries, there are different difficulty levels on our canvases. Finally, you will receive your pre-numbered canvas, the other colours you need, and your brushes. Just follow the steps one by one and enjoy the process!

Painting has many beneficial effects, but more so in winter. The sun goes down early and the days get shorter, so you must keep busy. What better way to escape your everyday routine than to create something unique by following step-by-step instructions? Relax and unwind from your day. Prepare for Christmas in advance. You can start your new paint by numbers now and display it in your home or give it to your family and friends for the holidays.

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